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What we do?


Battery Manufacture

The Firm imports maintenance-free automobile battery mainly from Inada Incorp., Japan, Asia Car battery, China and Woojoo Telecom, Korea. Using Japanese Technology, INADA have always been ... Read more

Construction Business

Since 2012, the Firm completed 12+ projects all fo which had been the work order procured from Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI). Although the work order procured from tender ... Read more

Equipment Supply

S. Alam Enterprise has been an active player in case of sourcing solution of different equipment used for research purpose in different educational as well as scientific research Institute. These equipments ... Read more

Bussiness Model


Operates Under 3 Business Segments


Suppliers of Battery

  • Inada Incorp., Japan
  • Asia Car battery, China
  • Woojoo Telecom, Korea



Automotive Battery

Krishibid Bangladesh Ltd.

  • Dealers
  • Wholesalers/Retailers
  • Customers

Suppliers of different Construction Materials

  • Bricks
  • Cements
  • MS Rods etc.

Construction Services


Tender Basis

Different Government and Privatei Organizations

  • BARI
  • ACI Group

Suppliers of Equipments

  • Unicom Inc. Austrialia
  • Cements
  • MS Rods etc.

Equipment Supply


Tender Basis

Different Government and Privatei Organizations

  • Special Security Force
  • Sher-e- Bangla
Dr. Shameul Alam Liton
Founder of -

S. Alam Enterprise

S. Alam Enterprise a fully independent and fast growing business house, begun its operation in 1997 in association with other Company with technology support and finally registered in 1997. Net worth of S. Alam Enterprise is an amount of 550 million BDT. S. Alam Enterprise soared to new heights with the introduction of Trading, Local & International Tender Consulting and Bidding, Commissioning Agent, and consulting house.

S. Alam Enterprise is extending its business operation in multiple segments by exploring potential market opportunities although the major operational and business risks arise from competitive market and logner period to realize receivables which apparently lead to stressed cash flow and unpredictable profitability consideration to an extent.

Our Mission

Our goal is to earn sustained profits and keep enhancing company's value. To this end, S.Alam Enterprise is pursuing a strategy of profitable growht. Ith is based on competence in technology and driven by premanent optimization of quality, of innovation, and of the costs of our products and services.

We are open to cooperation with partners, foreign princippals and associates. We want our customers to see us as their most reliable and innovative partner for development priducts and services.

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