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About Us

As the need for strategic information, identifying key issues in various economic sectors, providing development service, evaluating particular aspects of commerce grew, along with development of interactive nations promising business platforms S. Alam Enterprise was founded by Krishibid Dr. Md. Shameul Alam.

Dr. Alam is a unique person in global trade. He has tremendous business link with national and international level. Dr. Alam is not only businessmen but also a professional Biochemist. During his doctoral study in Japan has own patent on anti-cancer drug invention from Chinese medicinal plant.

Dr. Shameul Alam, founder Managing Director of Purbachi Construction Co., Ltd.,( established at 2000) and Krishibid Bangladesh Limited (a public limited company registered with Joint stock companies & farms). He own 40% share of Krishibid Bangladesh Ltd., (

To keep his contribution on our agro based rising economy, he also established an unique agro based company Protein Source started with 1400 decimle of land under Gouripur, Tarakanda, Mymensingh.

S. Alam Enterprise a fully independent and fast growing business house, begun its operation in 1997 in association with other Company with technology support and finally registered in 1997. Net worth of S. Alam Enterprise is an amount of 550 million BDT. S. Alam Enterprise soared to new heights with the introduction of Trading, Local & International Tender Consulting and Bidding, Commissioning Agent, and consulting house.


Competence in technology is the foundation of our business success. Specially in Automatic batteries production Inada, Agriculture Technology, High Delegated Analytical Equipment renewable energy, specialized sophisticated engineering turn key projects, power and socio-economic development, water and effluent treatment plant, quality seed productions from our multi– disciplinary technical skills. As S. Alam Enterprise has perfect mastery of these technologies by executing pilot projects as associated with other company like M. Rahman Enterprise, ACI Motors Ltd., Grameen Energy, Inada Incorporation, YNK logistics, Grameen Sheba, International T&D, Canada, Wind Energy Resource Mapping for UNDP Locally intensified farming project for CARE and many other needs that satisfy the many different and changing requirements of our esteemed customers. Ghartech Inada, Gertech Tiwan, Unicom. Exploitation of multi–disciplinary works makes it much easier for us to expand our business periphery wide and vast Hunyadi, Ausralia.

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